Our relation with Uganda started way back in the early '70's. Due to our connection with many Ugandan friends and relations, we have decided to share our talents with the youth of Uganda. So we can help them develop their talents! 

what do we do?

We support talent development and businessdevelopment

We empower the youth by helping them to gaan confidence in themselves by helping to discover their talents. 

We train young entrepreneurs in translate their dreams in concrete steps

We train new trainers who can be the talent developmenttrainer for the youth in their own community. ​

We support and train teachers and students in building stronger schools and curriculum to prepare the youth for their future. 

We want the youth to be the Master of their own future. That's why we call our training MastersMaking2Moro (MM2M) 






Our relationship with Uganda started way back in the early '70's, and we have been training and empowering young people there every year since 2002. 

We have built a stable network in Mutolere (Kisoro district) and Fort Portal which helps us tremendously to run our training sessions. 

We help young people gain self-confidence by showing them how to discover, develop and nurture their own talent. 


We focus on three areas: 

- Business development training: we train young entrepreneurs so that they can translate their dreams into concrete steps. 

- Train-the-trainer for talent development: we train new trainers to become Talent Development Trainers for the youth in their own community. 

- Curriculum development and entrepreneurship in schools : We support and train teachers and students in building stronger schools and curriculums to prepare the youth for their future.

If you are interested in participating or supporting our training, please contact us!    



/ Uganda

/ vledder and it's district

We chose to focus on Vledder -our own district in the northern part of the Netherlands, because we live in an area where job opportunities are limited. The need for business development is growing here, so we are working together with local entrepreneurs to support young entrepreneurs with training and advice.

TinE Beck

"What struck me the most was that students literally throw off their school uniform and start thinking creatively and in possibilities. They see the point in taking small baby steps to reach their goals and learn that they are indeed very resourceful in getting there, once we help them to get the creative juices flowing. It is all there, it is just hidden, sometimes deep inside and sometimes easy accessible. Creating awareness of an existing network, presentations of local success stories and fieldtrips make it visual and real".

/ the story of Tina and Matthias

Matthias Ssuuna

"I have been able since the training to work on my priorities, make clear realistic plans which can be executed in a given period. One of my goals was to start up a small youth project to extend IT assistance to vulnerable youths, teach music production and sound engineering to fellow youths and more importantly to have a fully paid job to be able earn a living in a not economically stable Uganda. Somewhat I have been able to achieve most of the above."

how can i help?

The easiest way to help us is with a financial donation. If you are in a position to support our efforts, please do so. We believe that the MM2M projects should be a joint venture between trainers, partners and participants from the Netherlands and Uganda.


You can also help by promoting entrepreneurship and talent development by giving this topic attention anywhere it is valuable to do so


You can become one of the participants if you are willing to invest time and energy and a small amount in financial contribution. Please contact us if you are interested in participating or contributing in any other way.



more information

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Flyer MM2M '18

Be the master of your own future!

"You left your beautiful house with some cheese in the fridge and came to help."