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Henry Kagweri (22) - Verpleger

I was born on 6 January 1996. Up till now I have lived in Kabarole district, in Fort Portal. I was raised by a single mother, because I lost my father when I was very young. I have two older brothers, Edward and Jimmy. I could go to school because my uncle took care of my school fees, but every term I was worried if my uncle still could take care of that. Luckily, my uncle always managed to pay my school fees. In my final year of school in 2015 the teacher asked in class what everyone wanted to become in the future. I started to think about the question and I realized I wanted to become a nurse, because I like to help people and giving out. That same year I finished my O-level, so I was able to go to the nursing school in town. I started to live at my uncle’s compound, because there I could have a room for myself. I liked to stay there, because I could focus on my study. Outside holiday’s there aren’t playing children around, so I wouldn’t get distracted.

During my holiday, when I had to wait for my results of my exams, I got invited via a friend of me, Solomon, for the MasterMaking2Moro training. I wanted to join the training, but there was one thing that was withholding me: money. The training was in Kampala and I did not have the money to get transport and to pay the fees. I almost did not go, because I thought I couldn’t make it. Then I realized that I really wanted t

o go, and that I had to find a way to make it possible. My neighbour was building a house at that time, so I went to him to ask if I could help him. He said yes, so I started mixing cement and carrying bricks for him. I did that for two weeks and after that I had enough money to pay for the transport to Kampala. Now I knew I could to it! It made me feel good.

From the training I learnt a lot. I set myself some goals which I wanted to reach. My short-term goals were having a eucalyptus farm and a pig farm. I already had the eucalyptus farm before the training. My long-term goal was to finish my education at the institute for nursing. I also had another long-term goal and that was to be financial stable. Beside my goals I learnt about myself. Who am I and who am I going to be? The training gave me a look ahead, to the future. I also saw where I stood at that time.

After the training I decided to go start with a banana farm instead of doing the eucalyptus farm, because it would be more feasible. So together with Solomon I started a banana farm and a pig farm to get a financial source. The banana farm was easy. I had family land which we could use for free, so I didn’t need to have much money as a recourse. For the banana’s we made a hole, put the seeds in and watered it. That was it. The pig farm was a more challenging one. For the construction we could use our own wood from the eucalyptus farm to build the pens. We bought three pigs and they had to be fed every day. We gave them a combination of special food we bought and food we could get from the people around (weeding/ left overs). Maize is the best food to give, but we didn’t always have money for that. We hired a person to take care of both farms’. I didn’t have a lot of time because I had to focus on my study. After half a year we could sell the pigs, because they were big enough. From the money we could buy new ones and get a better construction. The disadvantage of pigs is that they eat a lot and the market of them is not scarce. Because of that I have a new plan: to have a chicken farm, because they are easier to maintain and the market for them is better than the market for pigs. The advantages are that you only have to feed them, and they offer two things: meat and eggs. Besides that, the market of chicken is quite good, because many people eat chicken.

Three months ago, I finished my study after three years. Since then I have been doing voluntary work at the same hospital as where my study was. During my study I got a different view on several things. I learnt a lot there. This was a changing point in my life, you could say I came into the real world, with the good sides and the bad sides. In high school I struggled about if I would get my school fees or if I needed new clothes and how I was going to pay for that. With nursing I saw people with bigger problems. In my study I learnt theory about nursing, but more many practical things. I am searching for a paid job in nursing now, but it is difficult to find a job. I also want to grow more in nursing. When I will get a job in nursing I am going to get new experiences, learn to save and spend, and use and own my own money. I look forward to learn those things. After being a nurse, I would like to be a business man, because in that way I can earn more money. With this money I could help the community, so I can give something back to them.

I would like to share a few things with you. First of all, it is important to try and keep your mind and body healthy. Secondly, you should not be reluctant. You have to keep challenging yourself, use your brain and think over and over again to get the answer. Don’t forget you have time to learn new things. Speaking about learning: you can learn from others, because they are there to help you.

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