Ik wil de trainer van het national voetbalelftal worden.

Hassan Bakata, 32. Football Coach.

I have walked a long road. In the first place since I come from the north-western part from Uganda. And secondly because I have faced a lot of barriers I have overcome.

Sadly enough I couldn’t attend school, due to lack of schoolfees. I learned to speak English through my friends. But reading and writing is more difficult. I'm a sportsman. A good foodballplayer and very motivated to train others.

I joined the MastersMaking2Moro training in 2014. I know when I entered the room people always notice I'm there. Talking is my instrument. I know I can perfectly explain what I do and want to do.

During the training I explored my talents and learned how to set my goal and focus on that.

At the end of the training I was able to showed my strenghts but also learned to cope with my weaknesses. I had three goals:

  1. become the trainer of the national soccer team (Ugandan Cranes)

  2. own a sportschool and earning money as a personal trainer

  3. learn how to read and write

It's now four years later and I'm happy to share with all of you the steps I took in my life!

I'm working for the foundation ChoNU (children of northen uganda) and I do activities with the young children. In the meantime I was able to get my certificate for trainer. Ofcourse I struggled hard with the reading and writing, but I was excellent in the practical part of the training.

So I decided I wanted to start my own football academy in Kampala. And I did. I had to convince the parents in my neighbourhood of my idea. I started only with 3 boys, but the amount of participants grew fast! So now I had my own team! I trained the young boys every weekend twice and during holidays everyday morning. The name of this group? Kampala Bulls! My work was noticed by a director of a secondary school. The school wanted to give a scholarship for a few of my players so they could study at his school and perform for the schoolteam. Actually I wasn’t so sure about the idea. Because I wanted my boys to be treated well. So I negotiated about the premises I wanted to make sure the boys would receive, like medical care, footballshoes and sportscloths. They agreed.

In the meantime there was one particular boy who was very talented. So the staff of the national team scouted him and they wanted to talk to me about him. So we did. In this meetings they also started to address to me their wish to become one of the youth trainers of the national youth team (under 17 and under 19). Although I was very happy with them showing interest in me, I refused to sign a contract, even if it would guarantee me a good income. The reason is that I want to be free to do what I want to do and not be a puppet in the big machine. So we agreed on a monthly based payment and contract. So I have the best of both: freedom AND be a trainer of the national youth team! So I managed to reach the first step of my goal #1, become the trainer of a national team!

In the meantime, all my work as a coach and working for ChoNu foundation made me force to stop my idea for my own sportsschool.

I can now proudly tell you I just started my course at adult education to learn to read and write. Because I know: football is not for ever and I need those skills to continue my development.

MastersMaking2moro helped me to learn how to set goals and how to keep focus on what I wanted to reach.

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